Workplace Programme Management Support

Extending your internal management capability

“Our company doesn’t have the experience to lead our business stakeholders and project team successfully through this critical workplace transformation – we need expert help!”

If your internal real estate team doesn’t have the capacity or expertise required to successfully lead or support a significant workplace initiative, and you are unable to increase permanent headcount, we can assist by providing programme management support aligned with a specific project, timeframe, or requirement.

We can be embedded within your team as part of your business or operate independently.  Using our extensive network of experts we find the best fit for your team, who will engender confidence within your key internal stakeholders.  Our deep understanding of the processes and pitfalls of creating successful new workplaces will complement the expertise of your Project Manager, and support your internal property and FM teams.  

Our expert support may range from providing your team with coaching and stakeholder education, developing operational playbooks and governance frameworks, or remediating a project that is not meeting expectations.

We also provide project establishment and governance support such as preparation of design and change consultant briefs, liaison with vendors, and expert advice during tender evaluation, where our independence from delivery is critical to reducing your risk.  Additionally, our Solutions+Projects Team are specifically skilled and have wide-ranging experience in guiding projects back on course with unbiased, honest assessments and practical advice.

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Our hand-picked People complement and support your real estate team

Workplace Revolution will partner with you in meeting complex organisational challenges and ensuring programme success, through:

Programme Management for Workplace Transformation Initiatives
Pre-design Services – Consultant Brief & Tender Evaluation Support
Project Remediation
Playbook and Policy Development
Project Team Coaching & Advice

If you would like to know more about how we can help you plan for change and create competitive advantage, please contact us to arrange a confidential conversation.  This will allow us to gain some insights into your specific context and challenges, and tailor the more detailed information we share with you accordingly.