Why We are Unique

What’s so unique about Workplace Revolution?

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.
-Tony Robbins

If you want to know about the future of work and how it might affect your real estate, you need to work with a team who are part of the future of business.

Workplace Revolution are the only one of its kind within our industry – we are natives of the new information economy, we don’t just read about it in Fast Company!

We know strength and sustainability lies in unconventional thinking, in seeking different perspectives, and in focusing on imagining and providing solutions for our Clients instead of just delivering services to them.

We engage with a Community of Partners unhindered by corporate group-think, who bring our entrepreneurial spirit and passion for what we do to every assignment.

When a Client engages Workplace Revolution, the first thing we do is ask questions to ensure we all understand the real problem and context, so our solutions are business-led, not design-driven or transaction-oriented.

We have no commercial interest in the decisions you make, the vendors you engage, or the products or services you buy as a result of our advice.

We are unique because:

We thoroughly research the issues

Photo of Debating Monks at Sera Monastery, Tibet

Bringing different perspectives together helps us understand your unique requirements

We constantly scan our information network for insights into new developments in technology, social trends, management and leadership strategy and the global economy.  We make it our business to know what’s going on in business, so we can have informed, intelligent discussions with senior executives about key issues in the organisation.

Our Client-based intelligence gathering involves a mix of qualitative and quantitative techniques and sources to achieve a balanced perspective.  We use proven data gathering and analysis tools, but we are aware of the limitations of many common techniques that haven’t changed much in decades.

This is why we are also investing in developing new approaches to gathering relevant, nuanced and timely information from our Clients that is relevant to today’s dynamic business context.

Our recommendations are always supported by evidence, informed by global and local research, and inspired by our dialogue with you.

In a fast-changing world, this beats a cookie-cutter approach to strategy every time!

We know context matters – a lot

Photo of Legume Assortment Casablanca market, Morocco

Understanding context is essential to developing a bespoke solution

One size doesn’t fit all.  We all know that, right?

However, all too often both the process and the results of procuring corporate real estate strategy and design advice seem to be indistinguishable from one project to the next.

Workplace Revolution do not deliver a commoditised ‘product’, instead we create insights and envisage solutions with our Clients that respect and respond to the unique context.

Our business-led approach focuses on asking our Clients the right questions, ensuring we properly define the ‘problem’, understand the context and drivers, and craft our solutions to suit.

We accept that organisations are often constrained by their own policies and systems, but to the extent possible we will challenge you to ensure that the services we provide are aligned with outcomes you seek.

We don’t think in black and white

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Understanding complexities and ripple effects is essential

Tightly integrated into the CRE and Workplace network worldwide, our participation in the global exchange of ideas about the future of work enriches our advice.

We know real insights and fresh ideas are generated by bringing different perspectives to the table.  Meaningful debate and brainstorming is grounded in mutual respect and trust.

This is where our partnering philosophy adds real value to our Clients, because our partners are drawn from a broad network of specialists from different disciplines, cultures and experiences. As entrepreneurs, freelancers and small business leaders they are unencumbered by ‘group-think’ or “the way we do things here”.  We enjoy collaborating with them, and we tap into our community for their diverse perspectives.

Our relatively lean, scaleable and agile resourcing model means we can bring together the best people for complex projects.   This ensures we don’t devise ‘black and white solutions’ to ‘technicolour’ challenges!

Have a quick look at what we stand up for on our Values page.