Become Part of the Workplace Revolution!

Do you thrive on solving challenging problems?  Does it excite you to engage with business leaders?  Are you seeking a culture that values new ideas and insists on the uncompromising ethics and empowerment of our people?

If so, joining our Workplace Revolution Team might be for you.

Our Workplace Revolution team are a unique group of professionals who are comfortable challenging orthodoxy and exploring new ways of working.  We have high expectations and can be demanding, but for the right person, there is nowhere else you can get the unique mix of exposure to thought leadership, encouragement to always innovate and improve, challenging and respectful Clients, and self-directed professional growth opportunities that we offer.

Our Community-based business model enables us to share a range of perspectives and knowledge within a group of passionate, entrepreneurial experts.  We also like to get together as a Community for socialising and brainstorming (well, we try!), and as a Core Team we like to do this somewhere inspiring and relaxing, maybe in Ubud, or Phuket next year!  It’s put to a vote and if we can afford it, guess what – you get to come with us on a ‘workation’!  

Our Clients benefit from the unconventional thinking that results from these laid-back, creative interactions. 

Our work ethic is based on trust in the integrity and professionalism of our people – we focus on creating great stuff together, not on completing time-sheets!  Unlike many companies, we treat our people as adults – we expect you to do what needs to be done, ask questions or seek advice when unsure, help your colleagues and respect priorities.  We let you know what’s expected, but how and when you make this happen is mostly up to your professional judgement. You can read more about our eight core values that underpin our behaviours and attitude here.

What to expect when you join our Team

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Everyone on our team contributes to our success

While our business continues to grow successfully, we only engage with a select few people who approach us or who we connect with through our extended network.  Building a sustainable team of people who trust each other and enhance our culture and community is more important than size. Workplace Revolution is not right for many people, and that’s OK.  When you join our Core Team you can expect:

  • To build lasting relationships within a great Community of people – we like to work with people and Clients we like!
  • Hands-on learning and development through your involvement in creating and implementing great strategies for major multinational organisations
  • To have your suggestions heard and your ideas valued
  • Great tech tools and BYOD support
  • A highly-organised and flexible infrastructure, so you can focus on doing what matters, not on finding stuff or ‘reinventing the wheel’!
  • Regular get-aways with your colleagues – a paid semi-workation!
  • Flexibility in structuring compensation, benefits and working arrangements – we believe you should bring your whole self to what you do and that work-life harmony is important for everyone
  • Mentoring opportunities within our global Community of Partners
  • Direct participation in the growth of an innovative and influential consultancy
  • The opportunity to thrive – we don’t want to put you in a job box!

There’s a number of ways we can work together

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There are many ways to work with us, although we all share common values and motivations

Are you looking to join Workplace Revolution?  Our engagement models are based primarily on the following three mechanisms:

Community of Partners

Our Community of Partner (CoP) are selective global experts in their fields with their own businesses, who join us to gain access to like-minded specialists.  We are a materially, intellectually, and ethically bound Community who collaborate through a world-class digital platform which allows us to work effectively, efficiently, and creatively together.  

You can read more about our Community of Partners here.  If you believe you’d be a valuable contributor to our Community, we’d love to hear from you!  Please consider approaching us via the contact form.

Employee/Contract/Project and Piece Work

All our Core Team Members are equal, regardless of their location and  employment arrangement with us.  It may suit you to contribute in a specialist area for a fixed duration, you may prefer a highly flexible work schedule, or maybe you’re looking for a permanent full-time role.  We walk the talk and offer truly flexible and fair employment approaches to ensure we continue to build a great culture for our great people.

Importantly, we don’t generally hire for positions – we hire for capability and attitude and adapt our remuneration, training, mentoring and education programmes to attract and retain the best people.  Take a look here for more information on our recruitment process.


We’re always keen to hear from suitably qualified and certified sub-contractors and sub-consultants.  If you are looking to come on board please approach us via the contact form.

Diversity and Equal Opportunity

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We believe everyone should have the opportunity to learn and contribute – it’s what you make of it that matters!

Clients frequently ask Workplace Revolution to create innovative yet pragmatic strategies and solutions for their real estate portfolios. We believe that we deliver the highest value by incorporating the diverse perspectives of a well-rounded team in terms of knowledge, skills, languages, cross-cultural understanding and unique life-experiences.  An eclectic and egalitarian Community helps WPR realise our full potential by allowing us to better understand, challenge, and respond to our Clients and their key stakeholders around the world.

Above all, we believe in treating each other with respect and dignity regardless of employment status within the WPR Community.  We promote equal opportunity in the recruitment, selection, professional development, transfer, compensation, and promotion of all employees. 

These principles are enshrined in our Code of Conduct and Ethics Policy (incorporating Social, Environmental Responsibility, and Occupational Health and Safety Statements) and embraced by our Core Team and our Community of Partners.

As Workplace Revolution are registered in Singapore, we comply with the five principles of Fair Employment Practices outlined in the Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices.  We post all open employment positions at in accordance with Singapore fair hiring practices.

However, our Clients extend well beyond Singapore, so continuing to expand the diversity of our Community is a high priority. We recognise that potential team members come from a wide range of backgrounds, and can contribute to our Community in many different ways.  So we adopt a fair and flexible approach to ensuring we provide our Clients with access to the best pool of talent regardless of location or situation.

We currently have a number of open positions available. To read more about how to apply to join our Team please click here to view the application process.