Planning For Change

A revolution is underway

The world of business has never been more volatile or unpredictable.  Organisations best equipped to thrive are able to…execute new ideas – that means building a creatively competitive workforce.
-Tim Brown, CEO IDEO

The global economy is in a state of flux; the digital age has begun and new business models are challenging the establishment.  The successful organisations of the future are likely to be unrecognisable from the organisations we know today.

The human capabilities, physical and digital resources organisations will need to be successful are changing and will continue to change as the digital revolution gathers pace.

Traditional approaches to planning, designing and delivering corporate real estate and workplace are not designed to respond to the speed and uncertainty of today’s business environment.  It will no longer be good enough to implement ‘best practice’ corporate real estate and workplace strategies that have served us well over the past few decades.

Our appetite for ‘instagrammable offices’ risks us losing sight of the opportunity to create workplaces that perform over time, adapting to changing organisation and workforce needs.

What will this mean for the future of work and workplace?

Photo of camel train shadow in Sahara, Morocco

Following current ‘best practice leaders’ in rapidly changing times may not be the best road to where you want to go

We must consider imminent obsolescence when we make strategic decisions about real estate location, configuration and design.  We must also assume current ways of organising and working may be made redundant in much less time than it takes to build a campus or wait out a typical office lease.

We see opportunity to create strategic advantage through unconventional thinking.  At Workplace Revolution we constantly challenge ourselves and our Clients to recognise our assumptions, to seek another perspective and to look over the horizon.

We use evidence, understanding, and imagination to engage deeply with our Clients and create future organisational scenarios that help to identify and assess the risks and opportunities associated with different corporate real estate, workplace and workforce strategies.

Plan for change.

Meet the future with confidence.

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