Leveraging WFH learnings to navigate post-Covid-19 uncertainty and flux – Practical Ideas

A workstyle revolution is underway

Our experience of work and being at work is shifting. Not just because of COVID-19.

We are seeing external influences change how we act as a wider global community that are likely to have long lasting effects.

We’re all being impacted personally by this experience and in different ways and as a result we’re seeing the emergence of a far more empathetic workplace, with lots of future opportunities for changing how we work, where talent is based, and the type of capabilities we’re looking for in employees.

We are being reminded about the importance of social connection and the role of the workplace in supporting that, and we are adjusting our leadership styles & organisational values to recognise we are all human.

We need to help people make new habits and think about how we can leverage what we’ve learnt when people start coming back to the office.

But with all this uncertainty, it can be hard to know how to move forward, how to make decisions about returning to work and what that should look like and then how to talk to employees about what the future holds. What we can be sure of is things will remain uncertain for a while yet, but we can’t stop talking to our employees and go silent.

Engaging with staff during uncertain times gives them clarity, reassurance, and starts to give a sense of control during a time when things can feel out of control.

Start with listening and observing. Ask lots of questions about what’s working, what’s not, as this will give you great insight into where the biggest priorities might be to help your people be more effective.

You also need to start to act on what you hear. Try and put in place some quick wins for people. Is there some technology, tool or work setup that might help address some of the challenges or do you need to change behaviours?

Lastly, take some time to reflect on how things are working, check back in with team members to see if the workarounds still work or if new ideas or challenges have popped up.

Remember we are working towards what works, not what’s perfect.

There’s no doubt that this is a challenging time, for individuals, communities and businesses, but it’s also a time of great opportunity. We have the ability to redefine our relationship to work and the workplace. 

How has this experience made your people and your business stronger and more capable?

What ways of working do you want to stop, start, and continue?

What is the contribution your organisation will make to the quality of life for your employees and customers?

What might success look like for your people and for your organisation in future?

So go ahead and take the first step and ask a colleague ‘so how is work working for you today?

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Covid19: Reshaping our experience and expectations of work infographic

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