Corporate Real Estate Strategy – For Owners and Developers

Differentiating your asset in ways that matter

“We need to differentiate our building to attract tenants – they expect more services, more flexibility and more value, and we have new competitors!”

Our Clients are your tenants.  We bring our deep understanding of the needs of large and small businesses, and of the best practices, trends, and business drivers within different industries such as banking or technology, to your assets.

Disruptive forces are driving the global economy and new business models are emerging. The emergence of ‘workplace-as-a-service’ models, new competitors and the challenges and opportunities associated with ‘proptech’, means tenants of the future will use physical space differently from today, and have greater choice in how they structure their portfolio.

What might this mean for the CBD office buildings or suburban campuses of the future? Whether you have a development site, an older building that’s less competitive, or a new building coming on-stream, positioning your asset to attract quality tenants reduces your risks.  We map a range of asset characteristics to the priorities of targeted tenant groups.

Our advice is informed by our deep Client relationships and our thought leadership in workplace trends.  Its is independent of any potential  conflict of interest in the local market – complementing the expertise of your marketing team or leasing agent.

Photo of demolished Hutong with Shanghai Financial Centre Tower in distance, China

There is always a new building competitor on the horizon, but being older doesn’t mean being obsolete.

We offer the following broad services and will tailor our approach and deliverables to meet your specific requirements:

Occupier Strategic Brief (Tenant-specific)
User-Centric Architectural Design Advice
Building Re-Branding (Re-positioning) Options
Tenant Positioning/Marketing Strategy
Building Comparisons (Tenant specific)

If you would like to know more about how we can help you plan for change and create competitive advantage, please contact us to arrange a confidential conversation.  This will allow us to gain some insights into your specific context and challenges, and tailor the more detailed information we share with you accordingly.