Our Recruitment and Application Process

The Workplace Revolution Team are very happy to announce that we’re looking for great people to join our Core Team!

After a successful start to our establishment in early 2016, we’re seeking people who pursue great outcomes for Clients, have a sharing and caring attitude, and a great sense of humour.  Please review our Values to learn more about what matters to us.

We don’t do normal hiring processes.  We think they’re outdated.  We  NEVER hire from “Personnel Firms”, because, well, they’re not personal!

What we do is share our thoughts about the capabilities we need.  Then it’s up to you to question our Team – not just the owners – and bring your ideas to the table about how you believe you can help make our Clients successful and contribute to our Community!

How do we do this?  A simple two-step initial application to help us understand more about you, your abilities and approach, your thinking and your professional aspirations.  We find this is a great way to understand if WPR will be a good fit for you, and vice versa.

1. Video Application

You’re going to love doing a personal video of yourself explaining what you’re all about!  We’re listening, because when you join, you’ll be listened to.  Below are some content ideas, but feel free to personalise your approach:

  • What gets me out of bed in the morning is…
  • I feel great when/if/…
  • I did [something] in the last few days that I feel was important because…
  • I find I learn the most and improve when…
  • I was curious/inspired today when I came across…

Five minute limit. File size must be under 10MB.  Informal smartphone or webcam recording is ok (if you don’t know how to do this then don’t bother applying!).

2. Written Observations and Reflections

Please also provide three written or graphic/visual observations of society and the future of work, with a short written reflection on each of them.

300 word limit (we will do a word count!).  Please upload these as a single document after the video.

As WPR are a company registered in Singapore, we comply with the five principles of Fair Employment Practices outlined in the Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices (for more information click here).  Where relevant we post open employment positions at https://www.jobsbank.gov.sg/ in accordance with Singapore fair hiring practices.  However because we are a digital-based global consultancy many of our Core team are not based in Singapore – our Core team and Community represent a huge diversity of Clients, assignments, and perspectives.  If you don’t live in Singapore but would like to join or team, there are many ways to work with us, so please send us your application!  Many of our roles are posted on LinkedIn, particularly those open to global candidates and/or suitable for remote-based work.

If we are not currently advertising a role that seems like a good fit for you, but you’d love to join our WPR Team, we’d be keen to hear your ideas and consider your proposal!  Please use the above application process, and be creative with your role description!

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