Our Community of Partners

Diversity: the art of thinking independently, together.
-Malcolm Forbes

Workplace Revolution is founded on a philosophy of partnering.  We believe our core team are enriched through their engagement with a community of trusted Partners.

In a world where great talent is hard to find and harder to hang on to, conventional models of employment are limiting.  We believe a mix of employees, contractors, and independent partners provides our Clients with superior access to talent, and even more importantly, to a bunch of highly motivated, engaged and passionate people.

The strength of our Community of Partners is that each of them independently pursue their own passions.  They care about making a difference – they don’t need to care about the next promotion.

We understand that every Client challenge is different.  The range of expertise, the variety of perspectives and the depth of experience required to deliver a solution needs to be bespoke to every assignment.  Our Partners bring best-practice expertise in specialised areas so we can form the best team for each opportunity, and provide informal access to a networked community of different viewpoints and knowledge that each of us can tap into.

Not for a minute though does this create ambiguity in our Client relationships.  While every individual (regardless of contractual relationship) is trusted to take ownership and be accountable for their contribution, Workplace Revolution provides a cohesive framework for project delivery and takes overall responsibility for our Client’s satisfaction.

A number of Partners with a range of skills, experience and perspectives have joined the Workplace Revolution Community, and we continue to explore opportunities with potential new Partners.  We would love an opportunity to introduce them to you.

If you are interested in becoming a Partner, please click here to make an enquiry.