Workplace Transformation – Change and Engagement

Implementing the strategy. Making it happen.

How do we convince our executives and managers that they need to lead by example for our flexible working project to be successful?

Our change management philosophy embraces the concept that every communication with client stakeholders is an opportunity to engage, educate, empower, excite, and manage expectations.  In other words, the change process starts well before a relocation, refurbishment, or pilot fitout project, and continues well-beyond project completion.

As with Transformation Strategy, context is critical – the change you are going through is unique and ‘cookie cutter’ approaches to change and communications usually fail to deliver the full potential benefits. We tailor our transformation programme to support the capability of your project team and the dynamics and culture of your organisation.

More than just a communication programme, our engagement aims to give people the confidence and ability to apply a new way of working to their daily activities, tailoring it to their workstyles and preferences.

We engage deeply with you to understand the magnitude of change across four key organisational dimensions, associated critical risks, and level of leadership and operational support for change.  We then develop a transformation roadmap and agree with you the roles and responsibilities needed to deliver and sustain change.

Photo of berber checking rearview mirror in the Sahara, Morocco

Its critical to focus on the destination, while keeping an eye on the road already travelled

We partner with you to develop the tools, policies, processes and capabilities you require:

Change Strategy (Roadmap)
Employee Engagement & Education Strategies 
Leadership Strategies and Support
Workplace Experience & Workstyle Diagnostic 
Workplace Operation Strategies
Pilot Project Initiatives

If you would like to know more about how we can help you plan for change and create competitive advantage, please contact us to arrange a confidential conversation.  This will allow us to gain some insights into your specific context and challenges, and tailor the more detailed information we share with you accordingly.