Workplace Change and Design Coordinator – Asia

Workplace Change and Design Coordinator – Asia (Multi National Company)

This is the initial ‘go to’ person for workplace change management project activity in the Asia region for a MNC (Multi National Corporation) in support of the Client Real Estate team, and the regional champion for the Clients’ global activity-based working strategy.

Position Summary

Workplace Revolution (WPR) are the Asia Workplace Programme Management Office (PMO) for a multinational Client, and are seeking a full-time Workplace Change & Design Coordinator as part of our Client services.  The PMO is led at a strategic level by a senior WPR person and this will continue when the Workplace Change & Design Coordinator is engaged.

This MNC has an established “Activity Based Working” (ABW) Real Estate strategy which is detailed in a number of global guideline documents.  The strategy is being implemented throughout the Asia region, resulting in various dimensions of change for stakeholders and employees.

In this role you will be the initial ‘Go to’ person for all workplace change management and design co-ordination project activity in Asia, supporting the Client’s Real Estate team.  Day to day support will be provided in-Country by the local Real Estate team or their consultants as required for each project.

You will also be the regional champion for the Client’s ABW strategy and custodian of the guidelines, providing advice and input to the interior planning and design of workplace projects.  You will be a proactive advocate for the ABW business case, including the Client’s cultural and behavioural objectives, and company values.

The role will require full-time attendance at Client offices for a duration of twelve months, ideally based in Singapore.  The contract may be extended by mutual agreement with the Client, or transitioned to a different role in the WPR team by mutual agreement with you.  Some regional travel may be required.

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