Planning For Change

Photo of Yamchun Fort, Tajikistan

Today’s state of the art building may be tomorrow’s relic if you fail to plan for change

A revolution is underway.

The global economy is in a state of upheaval; new business models are overthrowing the establishment.  The organisations of the future are likely to be unrecognisable from the organisations we know today.

The next wave of innovation influencing how we engage with organisations, with each other, and interact with our surroundings, will increasingly be led by Asia.

What does this mean for the future of the future of work?  For the future of corporate real estate?

Traditional approaches to planning and delivering corporate real estate and workplace are not designed to respond to the speed and uncertainty of today’s business environment.  Nor are they able to meet the expectations of decision-makers and employees regarding their aspirations, desire for inclusion, and need for substantiation before ‘buying in’ to corporate initiatives.

Lacking these elements, real estate and workplace initiatives are likely to fail to improve organisational performance.

We see opportunity to create strategic advantage through unconventional thinking.

It will no longer be good enough to implement incremental change in corporate real estate, we must assume imminent obsolescence when we make strategic decisions about real estate location, configuration and design.  We must also assume current ways of organising and working will be made redundant in much less time than it takes to build a campus or wait out a typical office lease.

That’s why Workplace Revolution use data, research, understanding, and imagination to engage deeply with our clients and create future organisational scenarios that help to identify and assess the risks and opportunities associated with different corporate real estate strategies.

Plan for change.

Meet the future with confidence.