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Asia-Pacific Office Portfolio & Occupancy Strategist

Corporate Real Estate Professional
Asia-Pacific Office Portfolio & Occupancy Strategist

This is the ‘go to’ committed Corporate Real Estate expert on the Workplace Revolution (WPR) team for one of our valued Clients, who undertakes key discovery, analysis, and option assessment activities as part of portfolio scanning and feasibility, develops related processes, tools and templates, works with their Client real estate team and their partners, and with our team supports effective stakeholder engagement regarding portfolio and occupancy strategy in the Asia-Pacific region.

Position Summary

Workplace Revolution (WPR) are seeking a full-time Asia-Pacific Corporate Office Portfolio & Occupancy Strategist (the “Portfolio Strategist”), based in Singapore, as part of our Client services. The Portfolio Strategist will enhance the Clients’ medium to long term portfolio and occupancy effectiveness through planning strategies and feasibility analysis (non-financial).

Specifically, this is a Corporate Real Estate position – not a financial analysis position.

The Client has an established “activity based working” (ABW) real estate strategy which has been implemented in much of the Asia-Pacific region. It creates multiple opportunities for optimising the Client’s corporate real estate portfolio, which is the main focus of this role.

In this role you will be the ‘Go to’ person for all portfolio and occupancy planning activity in Asia-Pacific, supporting the Client’s Real Estate team in conceptualising and bringing to approval-stage new workplace projects. This will involve engaging with stakeholders to gather information and identify opportunities to optimise the portfolio and create compelling cases to senior leadership. A wide range of data and information sources are available, and you will be proactive in researching and validating the information you require. Project execution will generally be provided in-country by the local Real Estate team and their consultants.

We are looking for an experienced Corporate Real Estate professional to help our clients think through complex problems and challenge their thinking about workplace portfolio management. For a candidate with the appropriate level of expertise and experience, there may be opportunity to expand the scope of this role over time to support strategy and governance related to other aspects of workplace planning, design and change management.

The Portfolio Strategist will support the Clients’ evolving and variable requirements for a minimum of 3 days (24 hours) per week up to full-time, depending on level of experience and Client need. The role may therefore initially be part-time or full-time as agreed, and will require part-time attendance at the Clients’ regional hub offices in other Asia-Pacific countries for a period of 12 months. There may be some involvement in other WPR assignments.

The initial contract may be extended by mutual agreement.

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