Occupancy Strategy

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Using limited space effectively and to greatest advantage requires a strategic approach to occupancy planning

“I know tenancy Option B is cheaper, but is it the best long term solution for our business?”

Our occupancy planning advice aims to improve the real estate performance and business alignment of a specific location such as campus, multiple sites in a city or a headquarters building.

Although the focus is usually on assessing options for increasing utilisation and space-use efficiency, it’s essential to understand the bigger picture with regards to local business needs and long term drivers of change.  The return on investment for a long term “hold” will favour different strategies to a tenancy with a lease expiry in three years.

Sometimes the issues are less about space use, and more about management and behaviours, in which case the best way to optimise occupancy may be through a different approach to workstyles, such as ‘activity based working’ (for more information on ‘activity based working’ click here).

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Forecasting likely headcount and mapping to available accommodation in the right place at the right time requires thorough analysis before taking any action

Where options to relocate, expand or consolidate to new sites are under consideration, we assess the potential of specific buildings to accommodate forecast requirements and enhance business performance. We establish a prioritised list of non-financial criteria with you, to provide a weighted assessment of attributes.

Our strategic occupancy advice is tailored to suit your context, availability of information and your reporting/project evaluation process, including:

Supply & Demand Analysis

Planning Efficiency & Benchmarking Assessment

Tenancy/Building Option Evaluation (Due Diligence)

Feasibility Studies / Occupancy Optimisation Options

If you would like to know more about how we can help you plan for change and create competitive advantage, please contact us to arrange a confidential conversation.  This will allow us to gain some insights into your specific context and challenges, and tailor the more detailed information we share with you accordingly.