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There’s a number of ways we can work together

Are you looking to join Workplace Revolution?  Our engagement models are based primarily on the following three mechanisms:

Community of Partners

Our Community of Partner (COP) members are hand-chosen International experts in their fields with their own businesses, who partner within our COP in order to gain access to like-minded specialists.  You can read more about our Community of Partners here.  Far from being a loose group, we’re a materially, intellectually, and ethically bound Community which is mandated by our Memorandums of Understanding and Mutual Non Disclosure Agreements.  We have a world-class solid backbone of communications and collaboration tools which allow us to work effectively, efficiently, and better than any other competitor.

If you believe you’d be a valuable contributor to the Community, please consider approaching us via the contact mechanisms on the page above.

Employee/Contract/Project and Piece Work Engagement

All our Team Members are equal, regardless of their type of employment engagement with us.  It may suit you to do a role with us that is of a fixed duration, or maybe you’re looking for a permanent role.  Also – we don’t just hire for positions – we hire for talent and adapt our remuneration, training, mentoring and education programmes to attract and retain the best.  Take a look here for some more about the way we engage Team members.


We’re always keen to hear from suitably qualified and certified sub-contractors and sub-consultants.  If you are looking to come on board we’d love to hear from you, so please use the contact mechanism below.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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