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Transformation and Engagement Expert

Change Management Employment Opportunity – Transformation and Engagement Expert!

This is an extremely varied role utilising your change management (Transformation+Engagement) skills and combining those with high levels of Client engagement as well as team-based project execution.  You will have a design-thinking approach to problem-solving and meeting new challenges, which will help you make the most of your potential and the value you bring to our Clients

Workplace Revolution (WPR) is the leading independent, specialist workplace consulting organisation in the Asia-Pacific region, and believe the physical environment is an essential business resource – an enabler of performance with the power to influence people’s behaviours and experiences.

We believe the future of work calls for a rethink of the way organisations mobilise these resources to achieve their vision.  It’s time to fundamentally challenge the way we support people and their work and unleash everyone’s ability to create value.

WPR unravel workplace challenges to identify deeper issues affecting performance, using Evidence, Understanding, and Imagination to engage deeply with our Clients.  We look over the horizon and seek diverse perspectives from within our Community of unconventional thinkers and thought-leaders, to develop creative strategies and solutions that help our Clients achieve their goals.

We are seeking a Transformation+Engagement Expert to join our growing team.  This role is responsible for undertaking research with our Clients to uncover meaningful human-centred insights, interpreting them to enhance workplace experiences and team performance for our Clients.

We are open to people with either mid-level or senior experience, however whatever your level of experience you will bring a design-thinking approach to problem-solving and meeting new challenges, and will be expected to inspire, support, and guide our Clients through a journey of discovery across a broad spectrum of projects.

Our Transformation+Engagement Experts have a “no task too big, no task too small” attitude, with a natural inclination to ‘roll up the sleeves’ when something needs to be done, and care deeply for the well-being and success of our Clients, their own Colleagues, and the communities in which they work.

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