Corporate Real Estate Strategy – For Occupiers

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There are few signposts along the bumpy road to competitive advantage, navigating takes good planning.

“I’m worried we will have too much real estate in the wrong locations in a few years!”

We take a ‘helicopter’ view of your portfolio to review your assets in the context of your organisational strategy and industry best practices. The challenge with CRE strategy is the mismatch between real estate project timelines, shortening business planning cycles, and an increasingly VUCA operating environment.

What is possible, is to clearly articulate your competitive strategy and drivers of change, and translate these into real estate impacts and probabilities. We draw on our experience to challenge headcount assumptions, model a range of scenarios, and suggest options to manage dynamic demand change over time.

We develop options for optimising your portfolio using a variety of techniques depending on your context, availability of information, and decision-making approach. These options focus on achieving objectives important to your business, such as reduced footprint, lower cost per employee, improved utilisation (refer our Occupancy Strategy services), and structured tenure flexibility.

Achieving these objectives may require bold decisions so we seek to understand the risks of both action and inaction. We help you make sound decisions as we are unencumbered by any conflict of interest.

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A clear vision can help navigate an often hard to find path to your organisations’ future success

These outcomes can be achieved using a variety of techniques depending on your context, availability of information, and preferred decision-making approach:

Scenario Planning

Portfolio Supply & Demand Forecasting

Metro/City Plan

Campus Planning Strategy

If you would like to know more about how we can help you plan for change and create competitive advantage, please contact us to arrange a confidential conversation. This will allow us to gain some insights into your specific context and challenges, and tailor the more detailed information we share with you accordingly.